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just got a message on okcupid


and the first words were: “as a fellow autostraddle reader…”

i have been waiting for this day my whole life.

thought my calc teacher was going to give us super complicated limits to evaluate for our friday assignment but they’re so clean and the four problems take, like, five minutes total. 

now there’s no excuse for me not to spend tomorrow morning on physics or ochem ):

PAOLO SEBASTIAN Autumn/Winter Bridal Collection 2014 - sleeved lace ball gown encrusted with a million dollars worth of diamonds and 3D flower petal detail.


people who slip into proper grammar when they’re upset are terrifying


honeymoon is an interesting term because an actual moon made of honey would imply space bees which is pretty horrifying

Nicki Minaj ‘Starships’ favorite look

the great thing about walmart’s self-checkout is that I can pay for my food with 14 pennies without anyone judging me


May you have enough money to pay your bills this month with a little extra left over for a bit of fun.

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